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Welcome to Numb Thumb's and Loopy's Web Site - a work in progress...!

That's us above with our "Flaming Erasers", DanE and ArnE - "The Twins".

This site was created to allow us to share our enjoyment of flying remote control planes.

We fly gliders and electric powered models with wingspans from 0.6 to 2.5 metres.

I thought learning to fly was hard, then I decided to learn how to make a web site!!


General Flying Information:

A friend of ours, Ian Pullar, has created a fantastic web site devoted to flying. We could never hope to improve on the wealth of information presented on his site!

Please refer to his site for general flying information:

Ian Pullar's Flying Site


Remote Control Flying

Flying remote control aircraft of all types can be a very dangerous pastime! Please be very careful and never fly close to people, animals or roads. Remember, flying aircraft is not the same as driving a remote control car. You can't just back off the throttle and let it stop! We strongly recommend that you seek instruction, at least in the early stages of learning to fly. The best way to do this is to seek out the flying clubs in your area (there is bound to be at least one!) and ask about instruction. Your local Hobby Shop which sells remote control planes is a great place to start asking around. Joining a club will give you insurance and a great bunch of new friends!

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Latest News:

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About Us --- The Hangar --- Photos and Movies --- Favourite Links --- Contact Us