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Welcome to our Web site!

Numb Thumbs has been flying on and off for years but Loopy took up the sport in late August 2003 when he was 10 years old. He gained his Glider Solo in less than 2 months. We fly when ever we can and try to vary what we do between thermal gliding, sloping and electrics. We are lucky to have a selection of planes to choose from and can usually find something suitable! Loopy loves flying slope with the Eraser 48", ArnE to it's friends, and the Lunak because he can fly continuously for hours and can do endless loops and rolls and fly around inverted. Numb Thumbs tends to find the landings a bit hairy when sloping and prefers flying the EasyStar and EasyGlider Electric around in a relaxed manner!

We live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is in the state of Victoria, in the southeast corner of the Australian mainland.  We have some great flying sites spread around  within a 100 kilometre radius of the city.

We have sloping sites which work on most wind directions and some great flat flying areas with strong thermals, summer and winter.  Autumn tends to the calmest weather in Melbourne with a low probability of rain - great for park flyers and thermal flying.  Winter tends to be windy, so sloping is usually the go!  Summer can be hot, but the northerlies are great for sloping and the calmer days can provide great thermals.  Spring tends to be very windy and unsettled.

We are both members of VARMS, the Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring  http://members.ozemail.com.au/~maaa/varms.html . Hopefully a new web site will be available soon!

Within the club we have members with all skill levels in all forms of remote control flying, whether it be gliders, electrics, power planes or helicopters! The club provides instruction in gliding to all comers for no charge. They provide a venue (Briggs Field, the club's Melbourne flying field of about 65 hectares), instructors, planes (Prelude Plus thermal gliders) and radio gear. This service is offered every second Sunday from 10:00am to 1:00pm (10:00 to 13:00). Occasional Slope Training Days are also provided.

Copies of the club newsletter can be viewed as PDF files on the Contact Us page. Numb Thumbs is the editor.

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