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AspectivitEE is the monthly newsletter of our flying club, VARMS, here in Melbourne, Australia. Numb Thumbs is the editor. These files are usually between 1 and 5 MB.

AspectivitEE November 2004 AspectivitEE March 2006
AspectivitEE December 2004 AspectivitEE April 2006
AspectivitEE February 2005 AspectivitEE May 2006
AspectivitEE March 2005 AspectivitEE June 2006
AspectivitEE April 2005 AspectivitEE July 2006
AspectivitEE May 2005 AspectivitEE August 2006

AspectivitEE June 2005

AspectivitEE September 2006
AspectivitEE July 2005 AspectivitEE October 2006
AspectivitEE August 2005
AspectivitEE September 2005
AspectivitEE October 2005
AspectivitEE November 2005
AspectivitEE December 2005
AspectivitEE February 2006

Home | About Us | The Hangar | Favorites | Photos and Movies 

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