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Our Movie Gallery

Click on the image below the description to play the movie.

Some of these are very large files!

If you have a slow internet connection or if the links don't seem to work, right click the picture below the description and do a "SaveTarget As...". Then open it from your hard disk.

October 15, 2005, at the Club flying field. Loopy has his first fly of the TwinStar II and flings it about the sky. I get the feeling he likes it! This is a 17MB file.

This is the smaller version:


October 15, 2005 at the Club flying field. Loopy decided to come for a fly today. He hasn't been flying in 6 months due to my health problems and his desire to skateboard! Today he ironed out the wrinkles by flinging the EasyGlider around the sky. I think he now wants to be called "Rolly"! This file is around 21MB so it would be best to right click on the photo below and click on "Save Target As...".

A smaller version - around 4.5MB for slower connections:


The Multiplex TwinStar II on its maiden flight. This is a twin engine model which is very aerobic. I have swapped the stock Speed400 motors for a pair of small brushless outrunners, Himark 28808-1360's. They give the plane much better thrust and use less energy to do it. This is a fantastic plane which flys with great authoity and is a delight to throw around the sky! The footage was shot at the club field.

This is a smaller version for people with slower connections:

EXTEMELY tiny one for very slow connections (1.5MB):

The Multiplex TwinJet, a twin Speed480 flying wing design. My colour scheme is based on the theory that "Too much colour is not enough!" The movie was made at the club flying field.

This is the smaller version for people with slower connections:


Some Slow and Park Flyers at the Club Flying Field, with Magpie attacks thrown in!

The photo below is The Carbon Falcon, a very unusual plane made from carbon fibre and Dacron.


The Multiplex EasyGlider Electric cruising the skies above the club's flying field. This great plane has

a very flat glide angle and cruises very smoothly. It is also at home tearing up the sky sloping. On this

day there was virtually no thermal activity at all - even a passing pelican couldn't find any lift!


A smaller, shorter, lower resolution version of the same movie. Use this one if you have a slow connection.


The EasyGlider Electric flying some aerobic moves - the pilot is Ian "Mr. Smooth" Puller.

This is the large version.


This is the small version:


The EasyGlider flying unballasted in a bumpy 20 to 25 knot westerly on the slope at Kilcunda Ridge.

This is the large version.


This is the small version:


This movie shows the FoamFly Blue Frog flying at one of our favorite sloping sites, Kilcunda Ridge.

The Blue Frog is not usually thought of as a slopie, but if the wind is light or dies completely it is great

to have something in "The Portable Hangar" - our car - to play around with. In this clip you will see

us playing "Frog Frisbee" where you try to catch the Frog as it flies slowly past. You can actually do

this while flying it yourself.


The Multiplex EasyStar showing how versatile it is! Sloping at Kilcunda Ridge in light winds - 5 to 7 knots.

Someone said you couldn't fly an EasyStar inverted, so we set out to see if it could be done.


A video taken FROM the EasyStar. Flying around the club field.

The large group is there for training. Numb Thumbs is the solo figure in blue and green.


The Movie Maker, our EasyStar with a camera attached. This is a movie taken from this setup.

It features Loopy's signature move!


Another movie taken from the EasyStar. This one was filmed flying in our local park.

You can see the city centre of Melbourne about 4 or 5 kilometres in the distance.

We were playing around practicing loops and "touch-and-goes".

The photo below is a closeup of the "MovieStar" setup with a camera in the EasyStar.

For this movie, the camera was mounted looking sideways out of the cockpit.


This is a VERY poor quality video from a wireless video camera mounted on the EasyGlider Electric, looking backward. It shows a motor launch on a very dull, cloudy day. Hopefully the video will get better when I try again on a sunny day! Still, it shows the good climb I get!


Movies from other sources:

This is Zoom Zoom's famous "Roll Off Grass" and vertical climb out EasyStar, powered by his secret power plant!

Remember, this plane does not have undercarriage (wheels)!


How could I resist the "Flying Lawn Mower" movie.

This is proof that with a big enough motor and the right prop, anything can fly!

See more of their amazing creations at: http://www.flyingthingz.com/


This is footage of a 3D indoor plane which has a special new type of propeller fitted.

This prop is variable pitch and can even be changed to reverse pitch while flying.

This makes for some very interesting manouvers!


Angry Koala sloping at Sydney Heads. Some very fast sloping :


Some model helicopter flying. I swear this guy must be a Jedi Knight!:


Some model jet crashes. These planes tend to cost between US$8000 and US$30,000!

I'd suggest you turn down the volume on this one!:

Another jet crash - don't blink or you will miss it!


How not to launch an electric glider!


Aero-tow is best left to the Big Boys!


Even the Big Boys stuff up! Who said "Practice makes perfect"?

A little off topic, but great fun!


Flying Photos

Messing about with planes


































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