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The Multiplex EasyGlider Electric, 1.9 metre wingspan electric glider. A wonderul plane for thermalling or slope flying. Made from Elapor, a foam designed for injection moulding. This plane is light, strong and flies beautifully with no vices we have found. Mine is powered by a tiny Max Motors 400F brushless motor using the stock gearbox and a Graupner CAM 11x6 folding propellor. I can get well ten to twenty climbs to thermalling height out of a 2200 mAh 3S LiPo pack. The wing joiner is a 1 metre fibre glass tube which can be filled with ballast to improve performance in windy conditions. It is a ripper! Control is by rudder/elevator/ailerons/throttle and it is set up for spoilers to make landings easier.